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      What is purchasing agent service?
    • Currently, more and more foreigners prefer to source from China, for its competitive price and quality. Usually they will use searching engineer to get suppliers, but for some languages or other problems, it takes much time to final contact the suppliers. However, China Aluminium Network, with over 10 years’ development, we already have a great database of China aluminium enterprises. We can offer you numbers of manufacturers that do the same products, which will be useful for buyers to get more comparison. So purchasing agent service is to help buyers to find qualified companies based on our large database of China aluminium enterprises.
      Steps for purchasing agent service
    • 1.Buyers tell me what products they want to buy, and fill our blank of purchasing agent service
    • 2.We translate the buying information, and post them as “the latest purchasing” on both Chinese version (www.alu.cn) and English version (www.alu.com.cn). When the companies visit our website, they will contact you directly.
    • 3.Searching our database to get manufacturers
    • 4.Call these manufacturers to confirm whether they can do or not and get latest contact information (such as having export right or not, or etc.)
    • 5.Send email to buyers with qualified companies (first time: usually 2-3 companies) and contact information
    • 6.Translation service
      How to apply for purchasing agent service?
    • On our homepage, there is one advertisement board for “Purchasing agent service”, just click it, fill the blank and send us. Once we receive it , we will reply to you within 24 hours.
      Does this service charge?
    • Now, it is free.