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      What is Exhibition Cooperation?
    • Currently, exhibition is considered as one of the effective ways for companies to display themselves. So every year, most of companies will have a plan to attend some exhibitions. Our “exhibition” board is just providing one place for all exhibitions concerning aluminum industry. “Exhibition cooperation” means that exhibition organizers can post your exhibition information on our website (both Chinese version and English version). Based on our website’s large amount of visitors, your exhibition information can be spread efficiently.
      Steps for Exhibition Cooperation
    • 1.Call or send email to tell us what is your exhibition.
    • 2.We will translate your exhibition information, and post them as “Exhibition” on both Chinese version (www.alu.cn) and English version (www.alu.com.cn). When the companies visit our website, they will see it.
    • 3.If you want further cooperation, you can apply for “recommended exhibition” or do one advertisement board.
      Chinese Version
      English Version