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    Australian alumina FOB price climbs 4.91%; A00 aluminium ingot price stands at RMB 13590/t

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  • Post Time: 2020/2/21
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    The average spot alumina price in China is up by RMB 10 per tonne or 0.40 per cent on Thursday, 20 February 2020. Alumina price stands at RMB 2503 per tonne, after rising by RMB 7per tonne on February 19. Alumina prices have increased across all major markets in China, except South.

    The prices of alumina in East, Central, and North China markets have climbed by RMB 10 per tonne each to stand at RMB 2510 per tonne, RMB 2510 per tonne, and RMB 2520 per tonne. Alumina-South remains unchanged at RMB 2520 per tonne.

    Alumina (Imported) price stands at RMB 2540 per tonne on Thursday, 20 February 2020, after remaining flat at RMB 2520 per tonne for nine days. The average price is up by RMB20 per tonne and expected to range within RMB 2500-2580 per tonne. Australian alumina FOB price stands USD 14 per tonne or 4.91 per cent higher on Thursday. The price stands at USD 299 per tonne.

    A00 aluminium ingot price has dropped by RMB 20 per tonne to RMB 13590 per tonne on February 20, from its previous price of RMB 13610 per tonne. The price is expected to move within a range of RMB 13570-13610 per tonne. Spot aluminium price is likely to be traded at a discount of RMB 110-70 per tonne.

    Aluminium ingot price in Foshan stands at RMB 13640 per tonne, down RMB 20 per tonne and RMB 30 per tonne. The prices in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Shenyang, Tianjin, Gongyi have reduced by RMB 10 per tonne, RMB 20 per tonne, RMB 10 per tonne, RMB 10 per tonne and RMB 30 per tonne to stand at RMB 13600 per tonne, RMB 13630 per tonne, RMB 13625 per tonne, RMB 13610 per tonne, and RMB 13475 per tonne. But the price in Linyi is up by RMB 10 per tonne to stand at RMB 13680 per tonne.

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