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    GDU Mini V-Lock batteries with Aluminium back: Pioneer in Camera Industry

  • China Aluminium Network
  • Post Time: 2020/1/14
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    Global Dynamics United (GDU) is a camera Accessories Company based in Los Angeles. In a way, it is connected to the RED digital cinema. The majority of their products are photographed with RED cameras including the new RED Komodo.

    GDU Mini V-Lock batteries are new 98Wh batteries with machined 6061 aluminium back. They offer one D-Tap port and one USB 5V/2A port. Power output is 14.8V / 10A (120W), a maximum of 15A. They are available now in the black or red anodized finish.

    They majorly offer aluminium accessories like handles, quick release plates, lens caps, but even some prime lenses. The design of their products is very indistinguishable to the design of RED cameras. GDU recently presented its V-Lock (V-Mount) batteries with Aluminium back.

    The new GDU Mini V-Lock batteries offer 98Wh capacity, which makes them carry-on safe according to TSA (their capacity is under 100Wh). This is essential for filmmakers who travel often with their gear.

    The complete back case of the GDU battery is machined out of a solid piece of 6061 aluminium, which makes it very robust and according to GDU it is a pioneer in the industry. This aluminium back also performs as a heat sink which helps to remove heat away from the camera body and helps to dematerialize heat during high amp charging. The batteries are available in both black and red anodize finish with a fairly large GDU logo on the back.

    On the battery, there is a 4 LED charge indicator. Though, the pins of the GDU Mini V-Lock batteries have data communication so RED cameras will show runtime minutes and other information on the display.

    The batteries have one D-Tap port and one USB 5V/2A port. Power output is 14.8V / 10A (120W). The maximum protected output is 15A. Inside electronics were built by Dynacore using Japanese battery cells. The batteries themselves were assembled in Stage 4 at RED Studios in Hollywood.

    When it comes to physical specifications, the dimensions of the battery are 102mm x 74mm x 52mm and the weight is 550 grams. GDU offers a one-year replacement warranty.

    GDU Mini V-Lock batteries are available now on the GDU webshop. The price is $220 for one piece, which in my opinion is quite competitive.

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