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    IBAAS-GAMI 2019 conference and exhibition concludes on September 7 in Guiyang China; 280 delegates grace the event

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  • Post Time: 2019/9/10
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    The 8th International IBAAS-GAMI 2019 conference and exhibition concluded successfully on September 7, 2019 in Guiyang China. About 280 delegates from all over the world participated in this mega Aluminium event in Guiyang during September 4 to 6. 2019.

    The conference was inaugurated by officials from CHINALCO, CHALIECO, International Aluminium Institute (IAI), IBAAS and JNARDDC, India.  The inaugural function was conducted by Mr. Yuan Chi, Director of GAMI. Dr. Nandi, President IBAAS welcomed the delegates while highlighting the objectives and activities of IBAAS.

    Mr. Zhang Chengzhong, Deputy General Manager, CHINALCO, China spoke about the exponential growth of alumina & aluminium industry in China and the focus on improvement in production quality. The China Government is careful monitoring and controlling the production growth and commissioning of new refineries and smelters.

    Mr. Ron Knapp, Secretary General, International Aluminium Institute, U.K. had spoken about the changing scenario of alumina and aluminium production in the world. Mr. Meng Jie of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association talked about the importance of aluminium industry for Chinese economy and the growing end-user consumption. Mr. Wu Jianqiang, Chairman, CHALIECO spoke about depleting bauxite resources in the country and growing bauxite import.  At present China imports more than 80 million tonnes bauxite per annum.

    Dr. Anupam Agnihotri, Director, JNARDDC, India talked about the importance of economics, energy and environment for the growth of aluminium industry as they are the driving forces that shape the global industry scenario. 

    Mr. Lv Weining, Executive Director, CHALIECO Guiyang Branch/GAMI presented a series of alumina-aluminium projects being handled by GAMI.  GAMI is currently operating in 32 disciplines as alumina, aluminium electrolysis, carbon, magnesium, titanium, automation & control, mechanical equipment, utilities engineering, etc.

    On the first day of conference, 7 keynote addresses on various aspects of Aluminium industry were presented by leading international and Chinese experts.  About 67 technical papers on Bauxite, Alumina, Aluminium and downstream industry were presented by Chinese and international experts.

    About 14 companies participated in the exhibition and at the end of technical deliberations, 6 best papers and presentations were awarded in the concluding session by the organizers of this conference.

    The post conference plant visits were organized in one of the modern alumina refineries of China known as Huajin Alumina; latest smelter ‘Guizhou Huaren Aluminium’ and aluminium downstream facility of Chongqing Huafon Aluminium Corporation.

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