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    Scientists at Yazaki develops aluminium wire rods strengthened by carbon nanotubes

  • China Aluminium Network
  • Post Time: 2019/8/14
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    Scientists at vehicle wire harness manufacturer Yazaki’s research and development subsidiary YTC America have reportedly developed aluminium wire rods strengthened by carbon nanotubes, which could be a cheaper and lighter alternative for copper wire in automotive applications.

    Yazaki says that by adding carbon nanotubes, the aluminium wires they have developed are stronger and more conductive than standard aluminium wire.  Moreover, the YTC-developed extrusion process used for manufacturing these wires makes them even stronger.

    “By drawing the rods down to fine wire, the strength increases further, hardening to strength similar to copper wire,” explained YTC America director of materials research and development Stefan Maat, while adding that “In fact, it exhibits a strength surpassing that of steel.”

    He also said that aluminium carbon nanotube material possesses superior heat resistance, whereas ordinary aluminium is incapable to handle temperature much higher than normal. So, the former can be utilised for high-current applications like electric vehicle battery cables.

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